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Your Brand: It’s More Than Just A Logo

May 31, 2016

Building Engagement Through Consistency

May 16, 2016

Getting More Likes With The Invite Hack

May 9, 2016

Live Social Media Hangout on Apr 26th

April 30, 2016

How to Get Followers | #RespectTheFollow

Did you ever get a random email from someone you followed on social media that is totally unrelated to what you do? #RespectTheFollow and your following will love you for it.

What If Google Really Buys Spotify?

Spotify's recent announcement that the streaming service will be moving to Google's cloud platform has sparked speculation that Google may be looking to acquire Spotify, raising the question of what exactly the benefit would be to Google, and what it would mean for Spotify's future.

Getting Followers | Step 1: Be Genuine

Being genuine is often overlooked. The truth is that people will know when you're being real and in turn, be more receptive to you and your brand. Nothing else works without being real.

Stop Buying Followers

For the love of god, please stop buying fake followers. It hurts you way more than it helps.

[Interview] 4 Essential Ways to Promote Your Band on YouTube According to an Agency Exec

In this interview I speak with the team about the best ways for musicians to promote themselves on YouTube.

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