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What If Google Really Buys Spotify?

Spotify's recent announcement that the streaming service will be moving to Google's cloud platform has sparked speculation that Google may be looking to acquire Spotify, raising the question of what exactly the benefit would be to Google, and what it would mean for Spotify's future.

Income For Indies: Tracy Maddux On The Future Of Streaming

With growing reports of artists not getting paid by streaming platforms, it’s easy to think that they aren’t a realistic revenue stream for indies. Is it really so though?

Mike Mowery On Being An Artist Manager In The New Music Industry #Podcast

Mike Mowery is the President of Outerloop Management, overlooking over 40 artists. Mike has been in the industry for over 20 years, with roots in the DIY scene and playing in the hardcore punk band Good Clean Fun.

Rumblefish Explains How They Protect And License Your Music

At New Music, I got to sit down with J. Gibson from Rumblefish. CD Baby users might recognize the name; if a YouTube video of one of your own songs has ever received a copyright notice from them, you might be like, “WTF? This is my music.”

PUTTING IN WORK: Old record deals and even older tricks musicians should avoid

Last week, I was in a meeting and we were talking about record companies and their contracts, and someone brought up the documentary “Artifact.”

PUTTING IN WORK: The music business is over

In the 1890s, there were traveling vaudeville shows that went from city to city, performing and singing songs for the public to enjoy. Of course, it’s the 1890s, so the only way for them to hear their favorite songs again is if they play them themselves. A few days after seeing a show, they would go to the music store to buy the sheet music and play it on their piano at home. In that time, sheet music sold just like records and albums today, and the companies that sold the sheet music did very well.

Fame House CEO Michael Fiebach On Leveraging Technology In Music Marketing #Podcast

In this conversation, Mike talked to We Spin’s Cory Wolff on specifics of digital marketing in this day and age, importance of using the right tools, recent campaigns and content windowing.